Thursday, April 28, 2016

How to add RC Kerb on Staircase Railing

This post is to illustrate on the easy method to add a rc kerb for staircase railing detail in Revit, Above shown the Detail of the Railing


Step1 : Before Editing the Railing Structure, First We need to do a simple profile of the intended design of RC kerb (using "Profile Family") and Load into the Project Environment

Step 2 : Select the railing , (if is built in railing , suggest to duplicate type before doing any editing) 
and press on "Edit Type"

Step 3 :  Go to "Railing Structure (Non-Continuous) " press Edit

 Step 4: Press "Insert" at the bottom , and here you are able to set the rc kerb offset & height according , on the Profile change it to the "rc kerb profile" which loaded into the project environment earlier.

 You should able to see it now :)

Thank you !

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