Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Part 7 - Naviswork - Clash Detection

Below is the mindmap of part 7 - Naviswork - Clash Detection

7. Clash Detection
a. Creating a clash test and setting rules
Naviswork manage > Home > tools > clash detective > add test > enter test name eg mechanical to sprinkler > rules tab > check “items in same file” > view  “select”, “ results” , “ report” for other info. 

b. Selecting objects to clash and adding clearances
Select specific objects in those models we want to run the test on.
1.Go to select tab, we have Selection A and Selection B.
In selection A, select mechanical.
2.In selection B, select sprinkler.
3.To perform clash detection, you would need archi/m&e /structure revit file altogether in naviswork.
- have lines turned off
-in our rules, we have “items in same file.” This will be obsolete.
-Use current selection by actually by selecting something in the model and run a test only on that item.
-Click Type button in settings first before
4. Set type to clearance
5. Set tolerance of 2 inches. Then hit tab key to make sure that has the focus
6. Run the test

c. Running the clash
As soon as we identified the clashes, we need to review the problems we are going to have with construction of building. 

Changing background colour in Naviswork

f. Creating reports :Viewpoints

g. Creating reports html for clash detection

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