Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Part 3 - Naviswork - How to work with viewpoints in Navisworks ?

Below is the zoom in mindmap on part three of Naviswork - Working with viewpoints 

Saving a viewpoint
Viewpoint > save viewpoint > rename viewpoint

Choosing render style
Viewpoint > render style > mode > full render/shaded/wireframe/hiddenline

Changing the background
1) Plain background colour
View > scene view > background > plain > change the colour

2) Horizon sky colour
View > Scene view > background > mode –Horizon > mix the colour you want

Slicing model using sectioning
(i) Plane section

Viewpoint > enable sectioning > transform > small arrow @ plane settings > link section planes > link front and top > hover cursor to the arrow, there will be a small black palm appearing, it will be yellow when activated.

(ii) Box section
Sectioning tools > mode > box > adjust section box to preferences

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