Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Part 9 - Naviswork - Quantification

Below is the mindmap of part 9 - Naviswork - Quantification

Setting up your workbook

The objective is to turn on our quantity workbook to be ready some cool takeoffs.

1.Make sure your navisworkessential.nwd.
2.Go to Home tab, click the quantification button > remind me later > uniformat > next > metric > keep everything active by checking everything > next > finish > and you will see the model is broken down to many portion

Dragging items to the workbook
Once we have the take off format the way we like it, we can start moving elements into their respective locations.
1. Right click on one of the item, lets say a 100 mm generic wall.
2. Go to Home > select and search panel > Click select same name.

Taking off the model

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