Friday, April 8, 2016

SINRUG : Twisting Tower

Last Tuesday, 5 April 2016,  (SINRUG) Singapore Revit User Group has organized an event to share the method of modeling a parametric tower. It was held at Singapore Autodesk Office.

 Singapore Autodesk Office 

The crowd of the night was about 80 peoples. One of the perks of being there for the conference is to help yourself with a cup of good coffee from the coffee machine and get ready for the talk.

 Here is the introduction

The agenda of the night - twisting tower

Phil the speaker of the night, explained the concept of the form building using massing environment, the concept is easy to comprehend. Basically,  The whole massing is broken into each individual unit cell (with unit height constrained by angle parameter, which is locked to the reference plane on the base.)

snap shot of the tower

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