Monday, May 16, 2016

How to create curve or angled mullion on regular curtain wall

Normally when creating  mullion, the limitation we cant have 2 angle when rotating the mullion angle. Here are some simple steps to create a curve or angled mullion combined with regular grid

1. First create architecture wall (curtain wall) with some mullion grid ,

 2. Selection the Curtain wall , duplicate it by copy to clipboard

  3. Paste the same curtain wall ,"with Align to Same Place" , there will be

 3.  There will be  some error message pop up, just ignore it , close out on it

 4. Click on the isolate element "sunglass icon at the very bottom"

 5. Select every click on filter, select only the grid mullion and grid and delete, (we have the mullion on the 1st curtain wall)

  6. Select the 2nd Curtain wall and click on edit type , Change the Curtain Panel = Empty System Panel: Empty. (to delete the glass , because the glass is already in the 1st Curtain Wall)

 7. Now the glass is deleted , while it is still selected , go ahead and click Edit Profile

  8. Edit your desire mullion angle or curve  (it required to be in a close shape)

 9. Dont worry if it white out, just move around to find the gridline , c

8. Click on mullion , and press on the angled grid to give mullion profile 

  9. Once completed , press on the sunglass to exit the temporary isolate

In usual case , revit don't automatically embed curtain wall if  there are both overlapping

 So when you draw a architectural wall overlapping with the existing curtain wall, error message will pop up, just ignore it

 then go to the elevation, select the 1st curtain wall and click on edit type , make sure it say automatically embed (with tick)

There you should get it properly cut out.

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