Thursday, May 19, 2016

Why do linked CAD files are unable to snap or move in REVIT, but only align?

Yesterday while i was working on linking an Autocad files in my revit model, I was unable to pick, snap or move any lines from the linked autocad file. It is pretty frustrating as all i could do to move the autocad file to the desired location is to align accordingly. :(

After researching, trial and errors and experiments, there is a solution to that, which i have recorded in the image below. The trick is to enable select link option when you want to be able to select linked files and individual elements in the links. I do not know whether it was disabled by default or not but at least now i have another place to check when I could not move or snap my linked autocad files.

Steps :
1. Click the imported linked cad files.
2. Enable select link option. (see image below)

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