Thursday, May 19, 2016

How to find out saved path or location of the linked autocad files in Revit ?

Sometimes, when having many autocad links in a Revit files and it comes to a point that we need to know where these links are stored. Ideally, they all should be stored systematically in a specific folder as below – a folder with linked autocad file created specifically for BIM.

In any case, to find out saved path or location of the linked files,  go to 

manage ribbon > manage link.

Under CAD format tab, you will see the saved path of each autocad file which are linked in the Revit model. Refer image below.

For items that is indicated as not found, you can either reload it again from the same folder (when revit file is moved and autocad files are still located in the same folder) or from different folder (when revit file remains the same path but autocad file is relocated to different folder or REMOVE it if it is not useful anymore.

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