Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Revit View Range

Very good video on Revit View Range.

Some takeaway notes on view range :

Primary Range 
Top : Object below this will be drawn according to it's 'object style'. Any elements above this height will not be displayed

Cut Plane : This is the height that Revit will cut through elements : ie windows, doors, etc

Bottom : Absolute base of the primary view range. Element that is on/above this height will be drawn according to its "object style"

View Depth (associated offset) 
Must be set to a height lower than the " BOTTOM " height. Any object that fall within this range (between view depth & bottom) will be drawn in the  "Beyond" line style. (Can be dotted line or colour)

View range settings apply to plan views and reflected ceiling plans

Views are associated to levels.

Model elements outside the view range are not normally shown.

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