Tuesday, June 30, 2015

We got to start somewhere & somehow..

We had a meeting earlier on, discussing how to move forward with one of our projects which is currently in a mixture platform (BIM & Cad).Now that we have this blog, it would be an exciting journey, recording our journey in BIM, the most exciting era in construction industry. Stay tune as we update our progress in work and our findings as we keep on learning each day! 
That's our BIM guru briefing on our roles in this project : What's the job scope, how to resolve some of the issues, who is responsible for this and that, deadlines.. etc. Things only gets excited when we get our hands dirty on modelling and input-ing more and more information into the models.

Discussion on the linkway for AMK Hospital project. 

And lastly my handwritten notes recording what is important during the meeting. 

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